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  1. Shenzhen Massage Guide

    October 9, 2011 tonywang101

    Shenzhen Massage Guide + Englsih Speaking Car Driver + Shenzhen Model Broker
    -Looking for QALITY Massage Service for relax or looking for some beautiful girls for fun during
    your travel to Shenzhen?
    -Want to have dinner,dance or play with beutiful Chinese Models?
    -Looking for a local trustable translator/car/English speaking driver/tour arranger knowing not
    only your PRIVATE requirements but where you can get them safe,private and conveniently?
    There are too many traps than you had thought exist on the internet and in the real world for
    all kinds of "Shenzhen massage", "Shenzhen Escort" or "Shenzhen outcall girl". In most cases
    they will be more likely to cheat you instead of relax you. 
    As a man as you, I DO understand sometimes to find the right massage place to relax is not a
    matter of money because when we are cheated in the wrong place, it is not only waste of our
    money, our time but also our mood.  
    So you need my help.:-)
    RELIABLE BEAUTIFUL GIRLS QUALITY service, nice car, English speaking driver....they are
    what I can show you in Shenzhen and Dongguan.
    This is Tony, a university educated part time translator/car driver/tour arranger with my own car
    dedicating providing international travelers with reliable local entertainment arrangement.
    My Services:
    (Shenzhen Massage Guide + Englsih Speaking Car Driver + Shenzhen Model Broker)
    -Shenzhen Massage /Dongguan Massage tour arranger
    -Shenzhen Model broker
    -car driving with my own car
    Why choose me?
    (Shenzhen Massage Guide + Englsih Speaking Car Driver + Shenzhen Model Broker)
    -university educated
    -fluently English
    -I have my own car and 11 years none-accident driving experience
    -I have a more flexible timing make me more focus on your requirements
    -familiar with Shenzhen/Dongguan massage/model industry
    -have connections with more than +500 beutiful models
    -QUALITY and RELIABLE service  
    What’s the Charge Rate? 
    (Shenzhen Massage Guide + Englsih Speaking Car Driver + Shenzhen Model Broker)
    For the DRIVING service, my rate is :
           Full day – 8 hours                   US$ 200
           Half day – 4 hours                   US$ 100
    [including 1)the car; 2)driving; 3)translating; 4) entertainment tour arrangement. Fuel,
    toll and parking fee will be charged at actual cost]
    Why Shenzhen ? -For its beautiful Models
    (Shenzhen Massage Guide + Englsih Speaking Car Driver + Shenzhen Model Broker)
    Shenzhen is located next to HK, Macao, Donguang, Zhongshan,Zhuhai,Foshan, Huizhou and Guangzhou. 
    Shenzhen have an active model industry. You can find all kinds of beutiful girls working in
    it. Most of them are happy to have a business relationship with well educated guests
    from all the world. If you are lucky enough, you may find a girlfriend or even a wife.
    Why Dongguan? - For its Quality Massage 
    (Dongguan Massage Guide + Englsih Speaking Car Driver + Shenzhen Model Broker)Dongguan is 30 minutes drive away from Shenzhen.
    Dongguan, the so-called the Capital of (SEX) Massage in China, is famous for its girl services.
    Many girls work in the massage centers are not only young, beautiful,well-trained, best service
    but also health certificate and take physical check regularly. 
    Dongguan is also the actual Massage Industry Standard Maker in China. Most Chinese men know
    that if you mention “Dongguan Style Service”, you are talking about the best girl massage
    service standard in China. There are some sayings about entertainment/girl service in Guangdong
    says ”if you haven’t been to Dongguan Massage Centers means you never be in Dongguan(China) ;
    and if you haven’t been in Dongguan means you have never be in Guangdong(China).” So you may
    find out what the important role Dongguan Massage industry play in Guangdong(China) entertainment
    So if you are planning a travel to HongKong/Guandong/Shenzhen, no matter a business or private
    trip you are strongly suggested to spend at least half or one day to experience what the best
    girl service in China look like.
    You can reach me at any time. You are GUARANTEED to have a HAPPY,PRIVATE,
     SAFE and very CONVENIENT trip. You are GUARANTEED to ask me as your travel arranger next time.
    (Shenzhen Massage Guide + Englsih Speaking Car Driver + Shenzhen Model Broker)
    In fact, I do this as a part-time work for fun. As a man, personally I think it is worthy of
    being strongly recommanded.
    Looking forward to hearing from you.
    Best regards